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Rick Michael Chairman Steuben County GOP Chairman Rick Michael - Steuben County GOP

Rick Michael can trace his family tree back nearly 150 years in Steuben County. The Michael family has a rich history of leadership in Steuben County. The Michael family has maintained the same family farm outside of Fremont for over a century.

Michael graduated from Fremont High School and was an active member of 4-H and High School Athletics. Rick completed his education at Indiana University Bloomington and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. While attending Indiana University Bloomington Michael was selected to serve as a Federal Investigator in Washington D.C.

“I have many fond memories of growing up in Steuben County and not till living away did I realize what a special community we truly have here. I was lucky to be able to return to my hometown and I hope that one day my children will have that same opportunity.”Gov Mitch Daniels and Rick Michael In 1999 Michael was recruited by local business to return to Steuben County to lead the development of a new medical equipment distribution company. Rick has been an active volunteer with Junior Achievement, YMCA, and a Board Member with the American Red Cross, ran for County Commissioner, and has served as Steuben County Republican Chairman since 2012.

Rick is married to his wife Lisa and they are the proud parents of 4 children who attend Ryan Park Elementary, Angola Middle and High School. 

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Vice Chair Mary Martin Steuben County GOPVice-Chair Mary Martin - Steuben County GOP

I was born & raised in Eveleth, Minnesota, Home of the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame. In 1973, moved to Wauseon, Ohio and graduated high school from there. I worked in the transportation industry for several years and in 1990, moved to Edon Ohio and went to work for then GTE directories selling yellow page advertising.

After many name changes within the industry, I now work for DexMedia as a Media Consultant and recently celebrated my 25th anniversary with the company. I have always been a Conservative Republican, and became active in Williams County, Ohio politics in 1994. In 2000, I became the Chairwoman of the county party. I was blessed to have 3 amazing mentors during my tenure of 2000-2006. In 2008 I crossed the line into Angola, Indiana-Steuben County. In 2013, I married Greg Martin.
I am humbled & proud to serve as your Steuben County Republican Vice-Chair.

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Karen W Shelton Secretary Steuben County GOP Secretary Karen W Shelton - Steuben County GOP

A native Tennessean, Karen Shelton has been a resident of Steuben County since marrying her husband, Ken in 1988.  She recently retired after nineteen years with the Indiana Troopers Association/Indiana Troopers Youth Services, where she coordinated the Indiana State Police Summer Youth Camp Program.  Previously, Karen worked for Coachmen Industries as a Corporate Meeting Planner. 

Karen enjoys  volunteer work serving on the boards of Women in Transition and Council on Aging; accompanying a Southern Gospel Senior Singing Group for eighteen years; is a member of 101 Lakes Kiwanis of Angola and Fairview Missionary Church.   She enjoys people and teamwork to make our city and county a better place to live.  She and Ken share four adult children, eight grandchildren and their dachshund, Rusty.

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Ryan Herbert Treasurer Steuben County GOP Treasurer Ryan Herbert - Steuben County GOP

Ryan lives, along with his wife Shelley and their three kids, in Angola. He is currently the Pleasant 1 precinct committeeman and has served as a state convention delegate in the past.

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