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December 1, 2018

Approximately 40 Steuben County Republicans met at Timbers Steak and Seafood Restaurant for their final meeting of 2018.  Chairman Rick Michael welcomed the group followed by a prayer led by Angola City Councilman Joe Hysong.  The Pledge of Allegiance to our flag was then led by State Representative Dr. Denny Zent.   A buffet breakfast was enjoyed by all who wished to indulge.

Our guest speaker for the day was State Senator Susan Glick of LaGrange. She began her remarks with comments regarding the recently completed Organization Day at the State House which always provides an electric atmosphere kicking off the beginning of the 2019 Legislative Session in Indianapolis. She stated that they have already been receiving suggestions, ideas and comments for the upcoming session and that they are always welcomed by the legislators. Senator Ron Bray of Martinsville be the Senate Pro-Tem for the session and while he is a young man, he is the son of a legislator and is no stranger to the political arena.

Senator Glick will again serve as Chairman of the National Resources Committee, which will continue to work on environmental issues. Water issues will be a priority topic for certain and she hopes that states will come together and work for the common good of all.

The Medical Marijuana legalization issue will be another topic of discussion. Senator Glick is against it as she feels it is a starter drug leading to stronger illegal drug use. She feels the monetary gain for the state will be overshadowed by additional social ills.

Other bills that will be on the slate will be the Disabled Veterans Bill for rent reduction and the Hate Crimes Bill will be reintroduced and will be stronger than earlier proposed bills.

Questions from the audience concerned her feelings about the Curtis Hill issue to which she commented she felt it was a personal mistake; that he is human and made a mistake and should have admitted that; apologized and moved on. While his actions were not criminal, it will probably be up to the voters in 2020.

Another question was regarding the proposed redistricting process to which she comments that the General Assembly oversees that process.

State Representative Denny Zent added that if anyone wants to be updated on what is going on at the Legislature in 2019 since it is a budget year, they should plan to attend the monthly breakfasts as one or both elected officials will be on hand with updates.

Holiday Door Prizes provided by elected officials were held added much fun and excitement to the holiday season. Thanks to all officials who provided gifts.

Don Shively added that the last Friday in January 2019 will find Steuben County 4th graders heading to the Circus in Fort Wayne compliments of the local Shriners. He thanked incoming Sheriff R.J. Robinson and his team for their support and accompaniment to the event.


Adjourned at 9:25am

Karen Shelton, Secretary


November 3, 2018

Approximately 30 people attended the monthly GOP breakfast held at Timbers Seafood and Steakhouse. Vice Chair Mary Martin welcomed the attendees and led in the pledge to our flag followed by Ken Shelton giving the invocation. A delicious buffet breakfast was enjoyed followed by Vice Chair Martin’s introduction of the guest speaker, Loren Spivack.

Mr. Spivack founded “Free Market Warrior” in 2009 to make a positive difference in American politics and economics. As an economist, he travels around the country promoting his two-day seminar with a very different approach to the field of economics. Stating he has only given his presentation one time in Indiana, he would love to have anyone from our area attend his gatherings. His next Indiana presentation will be in Bloomington. He is the author of several books including: The New Democrat, a parody history of the Obama Administration based on the famous Dr. Seuss book, Cat in the Hat; The Gorax, his second book, is an anti-environmentalism/pro-capitalism parody of another Dr. Seuss book, The Lorax. His book stars Al Gore and presents movement as a threat to American freedom and standard of living. During his presentation he noted that Arizona is the fastest growing state in the country, followed by Florida. His last book is “The Wizard of IS” and is a paraody of Bill and Hillary Clinton. His books are $24.95 each or all three for $59.95. He offered them for sale to anyone who wished to purchase them.

The December GOP Breakfast will be on Saturday, December 1st and will feature local legislators, who will provide an overview of the upcoming legistative session. State Representative Denny Zent shared that the next session will be a big financial session. He stated how important the upcoming election is locally and at the state level. Trumps recent and upcoming visits to Indiana prove the importance of our state candidates to the overall national election.

Chairman Rick Michael discussed the GOP Headquarters and thanked Seirra Bowman and her husband, Don for overseeing the volunteers. He thanked the Shelton’s for providing the location and the volunteers who were so loyal in keeping the headquarters open for visitors. He reminded everyone to be sure and vote and to attend the Victory Celebration at Sutton’s Deli on Election night beginning at 5pm. Seirra also thanked everyone and advised that candidate signs for the polling locations will be ready for pickup right after the meeting is over at headquarters. She reminded everyone to pick up the signs they put out after the election and return to headquarters.

The Chairman introduced his daughter, Bella who joined him at the breakfast and thanked she and her friends for assisting the Americans for Prosperity in making phone calls to Indiana residents prior to the election.

Steuben County Clerk-Elect, Tangi Manahan reminded everyone that the Court House will be open from 9 until 3 today (Saturday) to continue early voting. She also stated that they have had approximately 2,000 early voters to date compared to approximately 700 in 2016 and that traffic has been great.


Adjourned at 9:45am

Karen Shelton, Secretary


October 6, 2018 Including Financial Report

Welcome by Mary Martin, Vice Chair - Pledge led by Congressman Jim Banks - Prayer given by Dave Conklin.

After a buffet breakfast, Ms. Martin reminded the large crowd that one month from today is Election Day and urged everyone to get out and vote and encourage all their family and friends to do so. She introduced Congressman Banks.

The Congressman shared his feelings on the upcoming primary election and stated it really comes down to results versus resistance. While the Democrats are "hopping mad" and fired up, he believes that the GOP is fired up and will show their support at the polls. The GOP has facts and a record to back up their statements: lowest unemployment in 49 years; Trump successes; a growing economy, restoration of the military; support of our Veterans and their health care needs. October 5th is a Historic Day for our party as the second Trump selection for a Supreme Court Justice is confirmed and sworn in. We MUST keep Pelosi out of control and reminded the group that "Joe's gotta go". Our current president is moving the country forward and that is evident in Indiana as he has 51% approval rating in our area. Banks noted the recent announcement by Sweetwater Sound for their expansion and addition of 1,000 jobs in our area. He received several rounds of applause during this message. During a time of audience involvement, Mary Rider stated that we need God in our party; one attendee stated that we need to reach out to the working class; another attendee - a female Veteran had questions regarding VA treatment and complications she was having. Banks assured her that he would investigate her needs within the next few days.

In additional business, Commissioner Lynne Liechty addressed the political sign issues stating that there is a county ordinance that allows signs out 30 days prior to an election and they must be even with telephone lines and be placed in yards/field by permission of the property owners.

Steve Justus was introduced as Congressman Banks campaign manager and he was thanked for all his hard work and dedication to our party.

Nicole Kessling was introduced as a GOP Field Representative. She stated they have been knocking on approximately 50,000 doors a week and working hard on the Banks-Tritch & Braun -Donnelly races.

In-coming County Court Clerk Tangi Manahan provided information about early voting, which begins on 10/10/18. She stated that their office at the court house is open 8-4:30 and open thru lunch. She will beproviding several satellite voting places around the county for convenience to surrounding townspeople. Absentee voting is up 300% this year.

Longtime GOP Paul Oakes sent his best to the local GOP as he and his wife area moving to the Saginaw, Michigan area to be near their daughter.

Seirra Bowman reminded the group that the GOP Headquarters is up and running at 117 West Maumee (Shelton Investigations lobby). The sign-up calendar is available for volunteers to work between now and the election.

County Councilman Jim Getz reminded everyone to get out and vote for Mike Braun to unseat Joe Donnelly.

The Fall GOP Dinner is coming up on Friday, October 12th at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis. There are six tickets available for purchase ($200} if anyone is interested. Guest speaker for the evening is Vice President Mike Pence.

Missy Bixler, County Treasurer provided an update on her office and reminded everyone of the Tax Sale on 10/10/18 and that fall taxes are due on November 13th. There was a suggestion that she investigate "auto-pay" - she stated that she would investigate that for the future.

State Representative Denny Zent spoke on behalf of the three ladies who are up for reelection at the State House: Tera Klutz - State Auditor, Connie Lawson-Secretary of State; and Kelly Mitchell - State Treasurer. Three great ladies who do a super job and deserve our support.

A reminder to pick up signs at the GOP Headquarters- and that a Victory Party will be held at Sutton's Deli beginning at 5pm on November 6th. All are invited to join in the fun!!!!

Click Here to Download the October 2018 Steuben County Republican Financial Report

Adjourned at 9:45am

Karen Shelton, Secretary


September 6, 2018

The Steuben County GOP resumed their monthly breakfast meetings on Saturday, September 8th at 8am with a complimentary buffet breakfast at Timbers Seafood & Steakhouse in Angola. Vice-Chair Mary Martin welcomed the group followed by the Pledge to our Flag led by Don Marquardt and Prayer given by Ken Shelton.

Following breakfast, Vice-Chair Martin introduced the guest speakers for the morning. Landon Porter, representing Americans for Prosperity, which is a grass roots organization promoting limited government and getting Brett Kavanaugh seated on the Supreme Court.

Cheryl Johnson, Field Director for the Susan B. Anthony Foundation was the main speaker of the day. She provided information about their efforts in promoting pro-life candidates and is in dire need of employees to go door to door and provide information to as many folks as possible prior to the election. She is seeking paid workers in this area – they are paid $10 per hour and can work up to 40 hours. Workers set their own hours between 9am-9pm and the lists are provided to workers with addresses to go to. Main goal is to get folks out to vote.

Chairman Rick Michael discussed the GOP Headquarters location. While there is very little available in the downtown Angola area, Shelton Investigations have offered their front lobby area and lower level if needed to distribute signs for candidates. More details to be announced.

State Representative Denny Zent thanked the Lt. Governor, Suzanne Crouch for her interest om Steuben County and her recent visit to share the news regarding the Toll Road funds that will be coming to our area. She loves our area and plans to be back around the first week of October.

Announcements included: Kelly Mitchell Fundraiser at Sutton’s Deli on Monday, September 24th; Corn School in LaGrange – October 2-6 with parade at 1pm on October 6th.

Future Speaker: October-Congressman Jim Banks.

Adjourned at 9:10am

Karen Shelton, Secretary


May 5, 2018

Welcome and pledge given by Vice Chair Mary Martin; Ken Shelton offered the prayer. Following an optional buffet breakfast, Mary announced that we would have a breakfast on June 2nd and the guest speaker will be our Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch. Also, there will be a Victory Celebration at Sutton’s Deli in downtown Angola beginning after the polls close on Election Day, May 7th. Light refreshments will be available from 6-10pm. All are welcome to attend.

Guest speakers for the group of approximately 40 were Tangi Manahan, lst Deputy Clerk of the Steuben County Clerk of Courts and State Representative Ben Smaltz. Tangi was first on the program and shared that she has been in her present position for seven years. Prior to that she was in the banking/mortgage finance business. She is experienced in all phases of the clerk’s office, current on Indiana Election Process & State Guidelines; assisted in training staff with state e-filing system and mainstreaming the election process with poll pads and electronic voting machines; has a working knowledge of court procedures and serves the public with respect to all who enter the Courthouse. She is married and has 3 children; lives in Hamilton and is very active in our community. She humbly asked for votes from those in attendance.

State Representative Ben Smaltz currently represents District 52, which consists of parts of Steuben, DeKalb and Allen Counties. He is the owner of Taylor Rentals in Auburn, which is the family business he grew up in. He stated that one of his primary focuses at the legislature has been drug abuse and how it affects so many families, especially the children. He has worked tirelessly to find ways to curtail the making and distribution of meth. Meth labs are down considerably, and he feels much is due to making the ingredients harder to obtain. Laws that have been passed with the assistance of physicians writing fewer prescriptions and cross-checking with pharmacies has greatly reduced the availability of needed ingredients. He also strongly supports the 2nd Amendment. Indiana has law in place since 2013 allowing teachers to be armed. School boards decide if they will act on the law and develop proper protocol to be put in place in their respective schools. He touched on Economic Development and our 1.7% growth, as well as the need for the gas tax to provide the needed funds for our roads. Further, he feels his greatest service is to be available to answer the questions that his constitutes need answered.

State Representative Denny Zent complimented Smaltz’s service and shared that he received a standing ovation on the floor of the Indiana House for his work. Zent further discussed how the road tax will fund much needed road repair for many years to come. He also discussed his work with Smaltz on bills that concern veterans; State Senator Sue Glick was unable to attend; however, she carries their bills on to the Senate. Zent shared that 90% of Veterans benefits come from the Federal Government and Congressman Jim Banks is diligently working on getting bills passed in Washington. 88 Indiana counties have Veteran’s offices with services available locally to assist veterans.

Prior to adjournment, attendee Bill Hill suggested that other candidates in attendance be allowed to speak if they wish. Deb Arnett, also a candidate for Steuben County Clerk of the Courts echoed the comments made by Tangi as she previously served as Clerk of the Court for eight years and has worked in the field as a consultant for the Supreme Court since leaving that office. She stated she has been involved in training employees in other counties. Her closing statement was that she had never had a boring day in the Clerk’s office.

Adjourned at 9:00am

Karen Shelton, Secretary


April 7, 2018

The meeting was called to order by Vice Chair Mary Martin at 8am with the prayer given by State Senator Sue Glick and the Pledge of Allegiance led by the guest speaker, Alex Dobson, Steuben Veteran’s Affairs Officer. Following a buffet breakfast, Angola City Councilman Dave Martin introduced Mr. Dobson as our speaker.

Mr. Martin described Dobson as a man with endless energy and enthusiasm. He is a Marine and served two tours in Iraq. Steuben County Councilman, Jim Getz thanked his fellow council members for approving the funding for the Veterans Affairs office located on the 3rd floor of the Steuben County Community Center. (Phone: 260-665-1000 ext. 1060)

Mr. Dobson shared with the group of approximately 40 the responsibilities he has for the area Veterans. He works with them and their spouses for healthcare needs no matter what generation they are from. He also travels around the area to various American Legions and other Veteran facilities to make himself available to anyone who needs his services. He is pro-active and wants to assist any Veteran who needs services of any kind. He also works with spouses during illnesses or death of Veterans to assist them with paperwork and getting them to the proper location for help. He stressed that he does not work for the state or the federal government. He works directly for the Director of Veterans Affairs with the closest DAV office being in Corunna. When asked about transportation for Veterans, he responded that they have five vans available to transport Veterans free of charge to them or to taxpayers. A revised version of the Choice Program is in the works and should be available soon. About homeless Veterans, he works with Turning Point Homeless Shelter and provides food and clothing for anyone who comes to his office with a need. He accepts donations of food and then distributes to the American Legions. He discussed the current situation with getting Veterans on Medicaid in counting “body part loss compensation” as income. It is a state law that needs to be changed. He shared that he gets quick responses from both Congressman Jim Banks and Joe Donnelly offices. His office is officially open from 8-5pm and he makes himself available to Veterans 24/7. He also discussed Veteran’s suicide rates and passed out a flyer with information. Download Flyer Content Here. He received a standing ovation at the end of his presentation.

Steuben County 1st Deputy Clerk of the Court Tangi Manahan, gave an election update. She reminded everyone that early voting begins on Tuesday, April 10, 2018. This year a new benefit to make voting easier will be Satellite Voting Locations, which will be announced. These will be 1-day voting places in each Steuben County town. They are still in need of food preparation on election day for Clear Lake Catholic Church and the Steuben County Event Center, if anyone knows of a church or group who would like to take either of those. Chairman Michael advised that we will assist with spreading the word thru our media outlets.

Vice Chair Martin congratulated Mike McClellan on his son being Commissioned as Chief Petty Officer in the US Coast Guard recently in New York. She also introduced a Williams County, Ohio friend in attendance, Terry Rummel, who is a commissioner there.

Cheryl Johnson, Regional Field Officer of the Messer Campaign, spoke about Messer’s campaign and shared that he plans to conduct a Meet & Greet on Saturday, April 14th at Mad Anthony's Lakeview Ale House from 2:30-3:30pm. All are invited to come out and meet him.

Austin Fox from Jim Bank’s office was also in attendance and was introduced. Vice Chair Martin announced the May meeting speakers will be Tangi Manahan and Ben Smaltz. After the May meeting we will not meet until August due to summer parades, campaigns and other events.

Chairman Michael reflected on the recent Lincoln Day Dinner which was very successful. First year in many that we have had to turn down guests due to a capacity crowd. He was grateful to Senator Sue Glick and Representative Denny Zent for sponsoring two tables of Young Republicans, which is a group that is being revived and renamed. He discussed the July 4th parade and that we would be having a float in the event this year. Being able to provide these things is due to the generous giving to the Century Club this year. To date, we have received $8,400.

Adjourned at 9:20am

Karen Shelton, Secretary


March 3, 2018

Steuben Republicans and guests gathered at Timbers Seafood & Steakhouse on March 3rd for their monthly breakfast meeting. Vice Chair Mary Martin welcomed the 75+ attendees and U.S. Senate Candidate, Mike Braun led the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a prayer led by Attorney Don Shively. A buffet breakfast was enjoyed.

Sheriff Tim Troyer addressed the crowd to talk about his concerns for school safety. As President of the Indiana Sheriffs’ Association, he will be traveling to Parkland, Florida next week to join a selected group of law enforcement, school officials and interested parties to discuss how to prevent these tragedies from occurring again. He shared with the group that Indiana has a model in the Shelbyville School System. He hopes to share that Indiana has available with the group. Hardening guidelines are already in place here, however more training is needed. We must become more proactive. Cost is a factor for many schools, as it may cost between $800,000 and $1 million to complete.

Vice Chair Martin introduced Indiana State Representative/US Senate Candidate Braun, 63 years old and from Jasper, Indiana. Graduated from high school in 1972 and went on the Wabash College. Founded Crystal Farms, a turkey farm and then went on to found Meyer Distributing in 1981. His company has grown from a dozen employees to over 800 in 38 states. He is married, and his wife has a gift shop in Jasper. Three of his four children work with him in his business. He believes in term limits/draining the swamp; full repeal of Obamacare; defunding “sanctuary cities” and 100% pro-life. He is fed up with “business as usual” and believe we need fresh ideas. Happy to be a part of the legislature that is providing a long-term fix for our road problems. During the Q&A segment of his presentation, he was asked about DACA. He believes we need to secure the borders first and stop those coming in and then deal with those that are already here. He agrees there is no simple fix. He stated that he is a believer and is pro-life and will fight for those beliefs. He was very appreciative to the Vice Chair who arranged for him to get out in the community and meet some of the area folks.

Plans for the 2018 Lincoln Day Dinner were announced. Deb Twitchell is handling arrangements and invitations are in the mail. The date is April 4th at Glendarin Golf Club with Caruso’s catering the event. Guest speaker is Indiana State Republican Chairman Kyle Hupfer. Deadline for reservations is March 27th. A reminder that all elected officials are requested to provide some type of door prize for the event. They can be delivered on the evening of the event.

Chairman Rick Michael shared that two tables will be sponsored by State Representative Denny Zent and State Senator Sue Glick for Young Republicans. He also discussed a new program being offered “Republicans Hands On”. The program includes the basics of conservativism and Robert’s Rules of Order.

State Senator Sue Glick advised the group that the Legislature has 10 days left in this session. All bills are in conference committee. Gun legislation is not going through this year. She appreciated having our Sheriff Troyer and Kendallville Chief of Police Rob Wiley provide information to them this year. It was very informative. School safety is a high priority; Indiana has been proactive for years. Funds are available to schools to apply for through grants with a match from the school. There is a School Safety Committee Study, and everyone wants to know what it is going to cost. Shelbyville School System is on of the safest in the country.

State Representative Denny Zent complimented our sheriff as being very well-known across our state. Some may have seen our Attorney General Curtis Hill sitting beside President Trump in their discussions regarding mental health issues. It is well known that some individuals should not be allowed to purchase or possess guns. Law enforcement can confiscate firearms if they feel mental illness is a factor; they have two weeks to prove to the courts that they are correct in their assessment. We need to cultivate some new people; the legislative job take time.

Vice Chair Martin reiterated that our focus in the fall is to Beat Joe Donnelly – Joe Must Go!!! She announced the Century Club was going well and that we are still accepting donations for that. April’s meeting will be on the 7th and the guest speaker will be our Veterans Representative Alex Dobson.

Prior to adjournment, Sheriff Troyer asked everyone to keep Boone County folks in their prayers following the tragic loss of their Deputy Pickett on Friday.

Adjourned at 9:25am.

Notes typed by:Karen Shelton, Secretary


February 3, 2018

Steuben Republicans gathered at Timbers Seafood and Steakhouse on Saturday, February 3, 2018 for their monthly breakfast meeting. Vice Chair Mary Martin called the meeting to order followed by a prayer led by State Representative Dennis Zent. State Senator Sue Glick let the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. A bountiful buffet breakfast was enjoyed by those who cared to indulge.

The Vice Chair reminded the attendees of the Century Club drive which is now in progress. Flyers were placed on each table in case anyone did not receive one in the mail or wished to sign up at the meeting. Funds from the Century Club are used to cover headquarters expenses, as well as to assist local candidates during their campaigns. She also reminded everyone to save the date of April 4th for the 2018 Lincoln Day Dinner. The event will be at Glendarin Golf & Country Club and guest speaker will be Indiana State GOP Chairman Kyle Hupfer. Also, various state candidates, including US Senate candidates, are expected to join us for the event. Invitations will be in the mail within the next few weeks.

Guest speaker for the morning was Angola Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jeff Rhoades. Mr. Rhoades took the position in 2017 after spending 30 years as a Corporate Executive with Hewlett-Packard. While he is a Minnesota native, his wife is originally from the Angola area and they wanted to raise their two daughters here near their extended family. In sharing about the local Chamber, Rhoades stated they are governed by a 15-member board of directors. A couple of attendees, Gene Burd (treasurer) and Don Marquardt (past president) are officers of the organization now. While the first “Chamber” was in the State of New York before the Revolutionary War, there are currently Chamber in almost every community. Their primary focus is to promote economic development and to be a business advocate for the area.

During the question and answer period, an attendee asked about their promotion and advertising offerings. Rhoades advised that the Chamber provides a newsletter that is available online to stay in touch with members and with the community, as well as various sponsored activities, such as the Business After Hours event. They work together with the Tourist Bureau, as well as with various other organizations to assist area businesses as much as possible. The February Business After Hours is February 22 at 5th Third Bank and in April, the Annual Ebby Awards are given at a special event. Ebby Awards honor local citizens and businesses and are selected by the vote of Chamber members. In July, the Annual Chamber Golf Outing is always a fun event.

In the Legislative Update portion of the meeting, State Representative Zent discussed the importance of developing friendships across the state which will bring high profile visitors to our area. We need to promote our corner of the state wherever we go. We are getting attention now as those who visit are eager to return. Currently, there are approximately 500 bills that will need to be dealt with prior to the March 14 midnight deadline. State Senator Glick advised the group that the Township Bill was defeated in the Senate. One of the Governor’s priority bills is the Workforce Development Bill, which will target levels of skills to youth who may not be college bound. There is great demand for such facilities as the Impact Institute in Kendallville. Currently, there are 75 waiting for training and only 25 machines available.

Next meeting will be March 3 at 8am. Guest speaker will be US Senate Candidate Mike Braun.

Notes taken by: Ken Shelton

Notes typed by:Karen Shelton, Secretary


January 4, 2018

Steuben County Republicans gathered on Saturday, January 4, 2018 for their first meeting of the New Year.   Chairman Rick Michael welcomed the large group; the prayer was given by Councilman Ken Shelton and the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag was led by Wendy Zent.  

Following a bountiful buffet breakfast, Vice Chairwomen Mary Martin introduced our guest speaker, Congressman Todd Rokita, who is a candidate for the US Senate seat currently held by Democrat Joe Donnelly.  Rokita shared his background in service as Indiana’s Secretary of State, noting one of his most noted accomplishments was implementing Indiana’s photo ID law to help combat voter fraud.  Now some 30 states have followed Indiana’s ruling and adopted photo ID laws.  He is pro-life, a supporter of the second amendment and values parental involvement in their children’s education.  He and his wife are the parents of two sons.   He also has written legislation to replace No Child Left Behind to end Common Core and return federal control of education back to the parents, teachers and local schools.  He was adamant that we must return Joe Donnelly to Indiana and replace him with a strong Republican and defeat the “elite-ism” of the past.   He is for “term-limits” and is presenting a bill to Congress that states “no budget – no pay” for Congress. 

Following a lively question and answer session, Rokita introduced his local representative Steve Justus, who attends many area functions and is always available to meet with or to relay messages to Rokita.

Representative Denny Zent gave a brief overview of what he expects from this short Legislative Session, including:  Sunday liquor sales, the Opioid problem, medical marijuana, and road work.   He announced that he is running again and that our NE corner of the state is being noticed with recent visits by the Governor, Lieutenant Governor and others from the State House.   In his support of Rokita, Rep. Zent noted that Rokita is a man of his word and recalled a Lincoln Day Dinner of years past when the Governor was to speak and had a scheduling conflict and Rokita stepped in the last moment as a fill in.  

Paul Lagemann of Congressman Jim Banks office was in attendance and shared that Banks is very busy; currently he is working on a Veteran’s Crisis Line and headstones for veterans.  He is serving on the Armed Services Committee as well.   Banks hopes to be back in Indiana soon for a Town Hall meeting in Steuben County. 

County Commission Chair Ron Smith thanked those responsible for the Road Infrastructure funds that our county is going to receive.  Alex Dobson of the Veterans Affairs Office was recognized for his outstanding work with area veterans.  Third District Chairman Mitch Harper was in attendance and was recognized and it was noted that Angola City Councilman Joe Hysong ran with Harper in an 11-mile challenge the week before at Chain of Lakes State Park.   Both are avid runners.

Century Club letters will be in the mail within the week.   Please join and help us provide funds for upcoming events and for our GOP Headquarters during upcoming campaigns. 

February meeting will be on the 4th and guest speaker will be Jeff Rhoades, Executive Director of the Angola Area Chamber of Commerce.

Karen Shelton, Secretary