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January 13, 2018

Congress of Counties Straw Poll

Congratulations to Congressman Luke Messer, the winner of today’s
U.S. Senate Straw Poll at our SOLD OUT Congress of Counties political training conference!

Indiana Republican Party Chairman Kyle Hupfer said it best:

“Today’s straw poll shows that Hoosier Republicans are fired up about electing a U.S. Senator who will vote to cut taxes, reform health care and grow jobs in Indiana. Hoosiers are tired of hearing one Joe Donnelly in Indiana, and a vastly different Donnelly in Washington, where he consistently votes with Chuck Schumer and his fellow Democrats on the issues that matter most. We’re united as Republicans in our mission to send one of these candidates to Washington and make Joe Donnelly a one-term senator.” 

Our six Republican candidates made their first joint election-year appearance today at Congress of Counties, which brought more than 500 grassroots Hoosier Republicans -- including candidates, volunteers and Republican Party leaders -- to Indianapolis over the two-day conference to build important skills to deliver more Republican victories up and down the ballot in November. 

As part of the straw poll, Congressman Messer received 147 total votes. Congressman Todd Rokita came in second, receiving 82 total votes, followed by former State Rep. Mike Braun with 36 votes, Mark Hurt with 29 votes, Andrew Takami with 20 votes and Andrew Horning with 12 votes.

It's clear that Hoosier Republicans like you are fired up about our 2018 elections, and the work we'll be doing together over the coming months to elect one of these six candidates as our next U.S. Senator and to fire Democrat Joe Donnelly!