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December 6, 2018

Due to the resignation of Fremont Town Councilman Joe Thomas, a Republican Caucus was held on Tuesday, December 4th at the Fremont Town Hall. Two candidates were in attendance, Dr. William (Bill) Stitt and Craig Adolph. Fremont Precinct Chairs voted to elect Craig Adolph to fill the vacant seat on the council.
Congratulations to Mr. Adolph!

November 6, 2018

2018 Steuben County General Election Results are Available!
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2018 Steuben County General Election Results

November 5, 2018


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September 2018

Governor Eric Holcomb Unveils Next Level Connections

Today, Governor Eric Holcomb unveiled a big plan for continuing to connect Indiana with points across the state, throughout the country and around the world. As a reminder, infrastructure is more than just roads – it’s the ways that we connect with the world and people around us.

At an event in Martinsville, he announced his Next Level Connections plan, a $1 billion, game-changing initiative that expands rural broadband, accelerates the completion of major road projects, connects more local and regional trails, and will help Indiana land more nonstop international flights - all without raising taxes or increasing tolls on passenger vehicles. The full plan includes:

  • Expanding Rural Broadband:
    • $100 million to bring high-speed, affordable broadband access to unserved and underserved parts of the state
  • Connecting Local & Regional Trails:
    • $90 million to connect more Hoosiers with hiking, biking and riding trails, connecting more communities and increasing quality of life
  • Completing & Accelerating Major Road Projects:
    • $600 million to finish I-69 Section 6 by 2024 (instead of by 2027)
    • $190 million to improve U.S. 20, U.S. 30 and new interchanges on U.S. 31
      • Includes resurfacing, bridge improvements, new interchanges
      • Reducing the number of stoplights on U.S. 31 from Indianapolis to South Bend to just two stops
    • Increase resources to cleaning and mowing the state’s highways
  • Landing More International Flights:
    • $20 million to attract additional international nonstop flights to Indiana, making Indianapolis a preferred Midwestern flight connection location
  • Building a Fourth Water Port:
    • Continues due diligence on option to purchase 725 acres of land in Lawrenceburg to establish Indiana’s fourth water port
  • Building out Rail:
    • Increase rail transportation in Northwest Indiana, including double-tracking the South Shore Line and adding service between Hammond and Dyer

And just like Governor Holcomb promised on the campaign trail, this latest Next Level Connections infrastructure plan is a long-term, data-driven, fully-funded plan…giving us an additional $1 billion in infrastructure spending without raising taxes. As part of an agreement with the Indiana Toll Road operator, Indiana will receive $1 billion over three years, in exchange for a one-time 35% toll rate increase on the Indiana Toll Road for heavy trucks and vehicles Class 3 or above (which does not include passenger vehicles). This toll will largely impact large commercial vehicles traveling across the state, with Hoosiers benefiting from better infrastructure.

Governor Holcomb said it best: “Today, we’re defining Indiana differently than ever before. Next Level Connections in a direct investment in Hoosier infrastructure and quality of life that is essential to take Indiana to next level.”

Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s U.S. Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings

Judge Brett Kavanaugh

You may have seen the Democrats trying to play political games at Day One of the confirmation hearings for President Donald Trump’s pick for the U.S. Supreme Court, Judge Brett Kavanaugh. As a reminder, Judge Kavanaugh is super qualified…

  • As a DC circuit judge, he’s published more than 300 opinions…where’s he’s proven that he believes in applying the law and the U.S. Constitution as written.
  • He’s a thought leader…and the Supreme Court has endorsed his opinions more than a dozen times.
  • He’s devoted his life to public service, most notably working in the George W. Bush White House.
  • When he’s not on the bench, you can find him coaching youth basketball, serving as a reader at his church, tutoring children, and providing meals to needy families.

Then, of course, there’s the million dollar question: Will Democrat Joe Donnelly vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh? It’s really unknown, as Democrat Donnelly hasn’t said one way or another. But our thought? Watch for vote projections, and see whether Democrat Party Boss Chuck Schumer thinks he has enough votes to obstruct the nomination. If Donnelly’s vote doesn’t swing it one way or another, Boss Schumer might just give Democrat Donnelly permission to do the right thing (if not for the right reason). We’ll see!

Here’s what U.S. Senate candidate Mike Braun is saying about it: “From Elkhart to Evansville, Hoosiers tell me they want President Trump’s pick confirmed to the Supreme Court, and I challenge Senator Donnelly to immediately join me in supporting Judge Kavanaugh. Instead, we’ll have to wait until Donnelly’s vote doesn’t matter for Chuck Schumer and his liberal colleagues to give him permission to support this highly respected nominee.”

Here we have two great examples of Republicans working to make our state and nation a better place to call home…whether that’s nominating/supporting great candidates to serve on the highest court of the land, or making it even easier for us to connect with the people and places around us (both near and far). It’s exciting stuff!

Here's a few drafted social media posts that you can use on your personal or local party accounts to help us share the news!


  • By road, trail, air, water and airwaves….Governor @HolcombforIN’s #NextLevelConnections plan will invest $1 billion to better connect Hoosiers with each other, the great outdoors, global destinations and more like never before.
  • Learn more

  • Next Level Connections

  • Judge Brett Kavanaugh is qualified, and is the right choice for the U.S. Supreme Court. It’s time to #ConfirmKavanaugh.
  • As our U.S. Senator, Mike @braun4indiana would stand with Hoosiers & vote to #ConfirmKavanaugh.
  • Democrat Donnelly? We'll have to see whether his Dem boss Chuck Schumer gives him permission to vote with Hoosiers on this one.

  • By road, trail, air, water and airwaves…. Governor Eric Holcomb’s Next Level Connections plan will invest $1 billion to better connect Hoosiers with each other, the great outdoors, global destinations and more like never before.
  • Learn more

  • Next Level Connections

  • As our U.S. Senator, Mike Braun would stand with Hoosiers & vote to confirm Kavanaugh.
  • Democrat Donnelly? We'll have to see whether his Dem boss Chuck Schumer gives him permission to vote with Hoosiers on this one.



August 2018

Steuben County Sheriff Tim Troyer recipient for the Sagamore of the Wabash Award

Congratulations to Steuben County Sheriff Tim Troyer on his distinguished career in the many facets of Law Enforcement and being a recipient of the Sagamore of the Wabash Award. Indiana Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch presented the award. Keep up the great work on School Safety as it is important that we keep our children safe!

Here are links to a few related articles to his work on School Safety:

Trump's School Safety Panel Tours Nevada School to See How It's Beefing Up Defenses

Secretary of Homeland Security talks school safety in Las Vegas



January 13, 2018

Congress of Counties Straw Poll

Congratulations to Congressman Luke Messer, the winner of today’s
U.S. Senate Straw Poll at our SOLD OUT Congress of Counties political training conference!

Indiana Republican Party Chairman Kyle Hupfer said it best:

“Today’s straw poll shows that Hoosier Republicans are fired up about electing a U.S. Senator who will vote to cut taxes, reform health care and grow jobs in Indiana. Hoosiers are tired of hearing one Joe Donnelly in Indiana, and a vastly different Donnelly in Washington, where he consistently votes with Chuck Schumer and his fellow Democrats on the issues that matter most. We’re united as Republicans in our mission to send one of these candidates to Washington and make Joe Donnelly a one-term senator.” 

Our six Republican candidates made their first joint election-year appearance today at Congress of Counties, which brought more than 500 grassroots Hoosier Republicans -- including candidates, volunteers and Republican Party leaders -- to Indianapolis over the two-day conference to build important skills to deliver more Republican victories up and down the ballot in November. 

As part of the straw poll, Congressman Messer received 147 total votes. Congressman Todd Rokita came in second, receiving 82 total votes, followed by former State Rep. Mike Braun with 36 votes, Mark Hurt with 29 votes, Andrew Takami with 20 votes and Andrew Horning with 12 votes.

It's clear that Hoosier Republicans like you are fired up about our 2018 elections, and the work we'll be doing together over the coming months to elect one of these six candidates as our next U.S. Senator and to fire Democrat Joe Donnelly!