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September 5,2017

Hoosiers Helping Houston

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August 2017

This is a video made by high school students who don't say a word ... From a Catholic High School (Archdiocese of Hartford, CT)...
In response to a Senator's remark about "Where is God in all the tragedy in the world?"


August 2017

GOP Steuben Women's Club

We are reviving the GOP Steuben Women's Club. We need your help!! If you are interested in knowing more about this group, please email Wendy Zent at


July 24, 2017

Governor Holcombs Statement on Healthcare

Fellow Hoosiers,
As I’ve traveled across Indiana these past weeks, many of you have asked me about the federal health care debate. You want to know how legislation may affect us, especially those who rely on Medicaid, our HIP 2.0 program or the federal insurance exchange. You’ve asked about the potential gaps that could be created by reduced federal funding.

Last week, we saw two separate publicly reported estimates about the impacts of Senate legislation that were $5 billion apart. By tomorrow, there could be other reports with completely different numbers. As I write this, there are rumblings of a potential vote this week. The point is, no one yet knows what the final legislation will contain or whether there will even be agreement to bring a bill to a vote at all.

Here’s what I do know.

We cannot continue to ignore the problems with our nation’s current health care system. Medicaid and Medicare are shattering our federal budget, and the national debt has skyrocketed to $20 trillion. Obamacare is crumbling under its own weight. In Indiana, as many as 60 counties will be left with just one choice for insurance coverage under the Obamacare marketplace beginning in 2018. Premiums are rising, our Hoosier neighbors are losing access, and employers are frustrated by federal overregulation that makes it more difficult for Indiana to put Hoosiers to work.

Despite this dysfunction, Indiana found a way to bring health insurance coverage to over 400,000 low-income Hoosiers through our consumer driven program known as the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP 2.0). HIP does more than just provide insurance coverage: It encourages people to make wise decisions about their own health and health care. It helps connect Hoosiers with resources to get a job and improve their overall quality of life. Ultimately, it’s a transitional program that gives Hoosiers the support they need to eventually transition to private health insurance on their own or through an employer.

In June, when two insurance providers announced they would pull out of the Indiana Obamacare insurance exchange completely in 2018, we learned that Decatur, Jackson, Grant and Wayne counties would be left without any provider options on the federal exchange. We’ve been working since then to secure another option for Hoosiers in these counties, and I’m confident we will find one. This is another example of how states are best-positioned to solve problems for their citizens.

Indiana will not wait for Congress to resolve the ongoing national health care crisis. We have proven we will find solutions to meet Hoosier needs but we need more flexibility and control to continue HIP 2.0 and stabilize the individual insurance market. At the same time, we will work with federal leaders to find real reform that addresses the deeper problems with health care delivery and cost, not just insurance coverage.

As governor of Indiana’s 6.6 million citizens, here’s what our federal partners could do to be helpful.

First, give us greater control of federal health care dollars being spent in Indiana. From Medicaid to health exchange subsidies, billions of dollars come into our state each year, but with too many federal mandates. Let Indiana put that money to work using HIP 2.0 as the model and give us adequate time to adjust to new funding realities resulting from federal legislation. Next, work closely with our state to provide the flexibility we need to efficiently deliver services to our citizens. The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services earlier this year issued a call to the states to come to them with innovative plans and requests for flexibility.

That is precisely what we are doing.

Finally, provide additional support to help us address our state’s opioid crisis. I’ve been encouraged to hear that federal legislation could include significant funding to help states address the drug epidemic. Indiana can put those resources to work immediately. Health care will not be reformed by maintaining the status quo. That’s simply said but harder to swallow when you see the effects on individuals. I urge the Senate to continue the important work of repealing and replacing Obamacare. Fixing the root problems in our system will be difficult, but as history has shown, Indiana is well positioned to lead the way with solutions tailored to our unique population.

I have high hopes for a healthier future for all Hoosiers. This is our moment to work together with federal partners to find a health care solution.


Governor Holcomb's signature Eric J. Holcomb
Indiana Governor


July 12, 2017

GOP Chairman Rick Michael and Rick Hysong

Angola businessman Joe Hysong was elected to fill the remaining term of Angola City Councilman, Mike McClelland at a Republican Caucus held Wednesday night. McClelland recently resigned as he is moving out the city limits. Two candidates, Hysong and Oren Skinner, sought the position. Both were given five minutes to share with the four Pleasant Township Precinct Committee Chairmen their experience and goals if elected to the position. Both men were highly qualified for the position. The first vote ended in a tie; Chairman Rick Michael broke the tie, giving the victory to Hysong. Hysong made a brief acceptance speech and shared with the group that he will be a Mayoral candidate in the next election. Hysong was sworn in Thursday morning by Steuben County Court Clerk Shelley Herbert. For more information, contact GOP Chairman Rick Michael at 668-0015.


March 22,2017

Indiana Republican Party

Barb McClellan

Today is an historic day at the Indiana Republican Party. Barb McClellan, who has served the Indiana GOP in various capacities including as a fundraiser, Party Treasurer and Party Secretary for 50 years, was honored with a Sagamore of the Wabash upon her retirement as Secretary.

Barb first came to State Party to audit our books in 1967. She then became a fundraiser before assuming the role of Treasurer for two decades and Secretary for another two decades. 

While we're going to miss having Barb in the office every day, the good news is she plans to remain on staff part-time to assist in training county parties and precinct committee members, in addition to assisting with the operations of the biennial State Convention, an event she has helped manage and spearhead 25 times.
From Barb McClellan
Fifty years is a long time, but I feel the same way now as when I first came to the Indiana Republican Party. I have loved working with our counties and precinct committee people all these years and I thank them all for working with me.

Now, join US in thanking BARB for her decades of amazing dedication and loyalty to the Indiana Republican Party. It's an understatement to say we couldn't have done it without her!

Governor Eric Holcomb
“For 50 years, Barb McClellan has been the steady rock of the Indiana Republican Party. She has guided 18 State Party chairs, including me, with her knowledge and insight of the Party’s rules and state law, and she has inspired countless local party leaders with her passion and dedication. Janet and I join our fellow members of Indiana’s Party of Purpose in thanking Barb for her service to the cause and wishing her the best in her well-deserved retirement.” 
Chairman Kyle Hupfer
“It’s been a pleasure to work with Barb in my role as Rules Committee Chair over the last several years. Her knowledge and commitment to the Party is unrivaled. I look forward to her continuing to be part of the Party’s efforts as she continues in a part-time role focused on training and helping our county parties.”
Former Chairman Rex Early
“Barbara retiring? Say it ain’t so! She has trained every State Chairman since Abraham Lincoln. Seriously though, Barbara has been the bedrock of the Party – through bad times and good times. Nobody knows the Party rules and State laws better than Barbara. She really helped me and the Party when I was State Chairman and I will never forget it. She deserves a Sagamore, and so much more! I love Barbara and Bob, and wish them both a Happy Retirement!” 

Former Chairman Jim Kittle
“Barb McClellan trained virtually every State Chairman in the last 50 years. I probably knew the least of her flock and the dramatic reorganization we undertook could not have been accomplished without her steady hand and advice through the process. Myself and our Party has been blessed with Barb’s service – she’s made a big footprint on our history.” 


March 2017

Mary Martin VChair of 3rd District
Left: Matt Boyd- Treasurer; Pat Brown-Secretary; Mary Martin- Vice Chair and Mitch Harper-Chairman.


March 4, 2017

2017 Republican Central Committee officers elected at the Republican Caucus:

Steuben County Republican Central Committee 2017
Left: Karen Shelton -Secretary; Rick Michael-Chairman; Mary Trausch-Martin-Vice Chair and Ryan Herbert-Treasurer.